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IFEKESH NIGERIA LIMITED is a foremost Oil and Gas, Engineering & Construction, Marine and Procurement Company registered under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as a limited liability Company with work capabilities in any part of the country. Company was registered on 6th of September, 2003 and have been in operations for over 5 years. We have a vision of becoming the best procurement and engineering company delivering quality service at its best to our wide array of clients in the oil/gas, engineering/construction & marine sector.


Our operations are fully automated reflecting commitment to use technology to drive excellence in service delivery. With the desire to fulfill our obligations promptly to the growing market and contribute meaningfully to Nigeria's economic development, the company was compelled to go into full utilization of high quality industrial materials for procurement and supply including building materials for both local and foreign firms.

From our men on the field to those in the office, our vision is to become within the shortest possible time through hard work and dedication a company with innovative client relations, which ensures close relationship between us and our esteemed clients.

With large array of staffs and experiences workforce we are committed to satisfying our client through first class, efficient and professional services.

Since commencement of full operations, our tradition is to execute all projects to very high standards and specifications under qualified supervision, ensuring the realization of jobs requested by our clients.

Our clients are drawn from the private and the public sector organizations as well as multinational companies, who have continued to trust us with their projects, because we possess the technical know-how and professional competence to deliver quality services in record time.



  • To provide professional and world class Construction and General Engineering Services to the best satisfaction of our clients.
  • Ensure zero downtime to the client as a result of our operations, by ensuring that our equipment are ALWAYS IN TOP CONDITION. Any equipment broken down for more than 24 hrs is immediately replaced.
  • To avoid injury to any worker, subcontractors and third parties who are in or affected by our work activities
  • To minimize the impact on the environment in which IfeKesh Nigeria limited operates.
  • To procure and supply materials of standard ISO quality and work in harmony with the host communities.



  •      To establish a Documented Quality System
  •      To demonstrate compliance with ISO Standard 9001
  •      To uphold ISO 14OO1 Standard.
  •      To deliver in Compliance to all HSES Specifications.



We have taken time and pride to build the skill, competence, equipments and safety requirements necessary to execute public works professionally and in line with international standards and best practice.

We employ the best talents anywhere we can find. We also ensure they have the training necessary to perform their duties.

We have a unique and conducive working environment where our staff can achieve their best potentials. We see our clients and our host community as critical partners and we work closely with them to impact positively on our society.

We also make sure all industrial materials we source for procurement and supply are of internationally certified standards according to ISO standards.

We only undertake projects that have enduring public value and make sure we enhance the quality of life for the host community and its residents.

We value safety above everything else. We have consistently met international standards of safety, health, environmental protection and security.

The company is committed to ensuring clean and healthy environments especially in the course of their work. Every effort will be concentrated towards minimizing noise, dust and other forms of pollution released in the course of our work.

Wherever we work, we leave an indelible impression. Throughout Nigeria, we are delivering world class construction solutions and redefining the limits of passion and excellence.


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