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Equipment Leasing

As part of our drive to enhance our clients business solutions Ifekesh provides Logistics services for companies and engineering Firms.We can provide trucks,trailers,low beds and flat beds for your logistic needs.

On our Equipment lease We lease construction and marine equipments, land excavators, payloaders, bulldozers, compactors, road reclaimers, dumpers, forklifts, cranes, dredgers and a host of other heavy construction and marine equipments. We provide these equipments for lease at affordable and competitive prices.


We fabricate Skips and lease out to oil and gas and marine companies who need it for their offshore operations.

We can provide as many skips as you need.Simply Contact Us for your skip requirements.



We also have vessels for charter among which include Platform Supply Vessels,Anchor Handling Supply Vessel,Oil Tankers,Tug boats etc.Contact us if you require to lease any of these.



We are also experts in dredging offshore and inland channels either for sand filling purposes, reclamation, haulage and construction needs.

Ifekesh Nigeria Limited operates in dredging, marine construction and coastal engineering markets including maintaining and developing the nation's ports and waterways, providing services and materials for the country's sea defenses including rock revetments, breakwaters and beach replenishment, port development projects, reclamation schemes and specialist services to the oil, gas and water industries.

The Business sectors in which we operate are:
* Harbors & Waterways Maintenance Dredging
* Capital Dredging
* Marine Construction
* Land Reclamation
* Coastal and River Protection including Beach Re-nourishment
* Rock Structures
* Marine Drilling and Blasting
* Environmental & Material Decontamination
* Oil and Gas industry
* Marine Pipelines
* Renewable Energy
* Stockpiling including Sand & Gravel Supply
* Special Projects

Our dredging activities take place mostly in Niger Delta and South East regions of Nigeria including Lagos and environs in the South West zone.

We have the best specification of dredgers to serve the purpose of dredging inland water channels and/or offshore locations. Our dredgers have the specifications and capacity to meet up with any form of dredging activity the job requires. We can also lease our dredgers to efficient dredge masters who give us good offers for them including mob and demob.

Pictures of some of our equipments:


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