We are committed to excellence in job and service delivery, compliance to ethical standards in engineering practices, the motivation of your staff and the pursuit of the well being of our employees, clients and visitors through the maintenance of a safe working environment.

Our main lines of activities are:

Engineering and Civil Construction

  • Engineering and construction of roads, bridges, houses, office and residential complexes and all forms of Civil Engineering works/maintenance.
  • We Design, construct and maintain public infrastructure including electrification, transportation, housing and dams for provision of potable water.



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Logistics and Equipment Lease

  • We provide Logistics services for companies and engineering Firms.
  • We also lease construction and marine equipments, land excavators, payloaders, bulldozers, compactors, road reclaimers, dumpers, forklifts, cranes, dredgers and a host of other heavy construction and marine equipments. We provide these equipments for lease at affordable and competitive prices.

We are also experts in dredging offshore and inland channels either for sand filling purposes, reclamation, haulage and construction needs.

Ifekesh Nigeria Limited operates in dredging, marine construction and coastal engineering markets including maintaining and developing the nation's ports and waterways, providing services and materials for the country's sea defenses including rock revetments, breakwaters and beach replenishment, port development projects, reclamation schemes and specialist services to the oil, gas and water industries.


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  • We Procure and Supply standard industrial materials and commodities for foreign and local firms.


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Ifekesh has invested heavily in agriculture.Currently the company engages in the following:

  • Fish(Cat Fish)Production and Export
  • Vinovita Production and Export
  • Peanuts(Groundnuts)Production and Export
  • Bitter Kola(Production and Export)


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Real Estate

Ifekesh also engages in the following

  • Property Sales and Valuation
  • Estate Management and Valuation



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